• Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

    What would it cost you to lose operational control of your business for a day…a week…a month? What are your employees going to do while everything is “down”?

    Grace Computer gives you the confidence that your data is safe. More importantly, confidence that your business can continue to profit even amidst a disaster.

  • Security & Governance

    Who has what access to which applications and data? Is the server protected from the latest virus or hacker from a faraway country? Maybe it isn’t glamorous, but somebody needs to manage access to all your network equipment, workstations, mobile devices, software applications and data. Does the right person have the right access? More importantly does the WRONG person have access?

    Grace Computer will manage all aspects of security in your organization and govern onboarding/offboarding of employees.

  • Infrastructure

    Is the internet up? Does the Wi-Fi work well in all parts of the building? Is one employee stealing all the bandwidth streaming videos or music? Do you have an outlet in that office to plug in the phone? Who do we call to upgrade? Infrastructure is the foundation of your technology. Firewalls, Gateways, Routers, Switches, Access Points, Servers, Printers, Cabling, Circuitry, Telephony…hardware and software combined. Without a sound foundation, the technology will fail.

    Grace Computer will ensure you have a solid, well-built Infrastructure Foundation.

  • Cloud Solutions

    “We’re moving to the Cloud!”. You’ve heard it, but what does it mean? Sure, it’s trendy to talk about the “cloud,” but truly understanding the pros and cons of “moving” there is complicated. In most cases the answer is “it depends.” One of the most beneficial uses of the Cloud is SaaS (Software as a Service). Microsoft’s Office 365 is a great example of using Cloud Technology to increase productivity and reduce expenses.

    Grace Computer can help you discover the right mix of “moving to the cloud,” and where it makes sense for you. We’ll pack your bags, load the truck, and move you to the cloud…no heavy lifting required!

  • Help Desk

    “My Outlook isn’t loading!” “Is the server down?” “How do I install the latest version of Java on my laptop?” Everyone has an issue every now and then that requires additional knowledge to resolve. (Some more that others, right?) When something isn’t working quite right, or you need to know how to access (such and such insert a common issue here), you need someone to call that has the answers and can provide them quickly.

    Grace Computer provides Help Desk services to your entire staff. A quick call, email or online submission brings you answers quickly and efficiently. Everyone always knows who to call to get a resolution fast.

  • Monitoring / Maintenance

    Do you know if your workstations all have the latest OS patches to fix that breach that was discovered a couple weeks ago? Do you know the age of each machine? Which ones have hard disks that are almost full? Is the virus protection software current on everyone’s machine?

    Grace Computer will remotely monitor all your servers, workstations, laptops and network to ensure that everything is updated and running smoothly. By keeping a 24/7/365 eye open, we proactively resolve potential issues before the user even knows something is wrong. This provides increased productivity from all your staff and resources.

  • Training

    “This new version of Excel is completely different,” they criticize. “It’s frustrating…I’m supposed to log everything in the XYZ software, but no one has ever trained me to use it,” …a frequent complaint heard around offices everywhere. You’ve made good hiring decisions, but that isn’t enough. Training of your staff is key to increased productivity.

    Grace Computer helps you invest in your investments. We’ll train your staff to use the software your company uses. We’ll help find shortcuts, work-arounds, and Standard Procedures for your staff to use.

  • Productivity Tools

    Is this data being backed-up? Can I securely share this file with someone? Is there a software that will help me keep track of my company mileage? How do I create a vacation calendar for all my staff? Is there a better way to do this?

    Grace Computer provides tools and resources to help you maximize your company’s productivity. From virus protection, file-level backup with unlimited revisions, secure file share intra/intercompany and advice on the best productivity tools on the market. We can even create that custom application or report that is critical to your success.

  • Virtual CTO

    You’re growing! Your company is moving to the next level, but what advice are you getting to help ensure the decisions you’re making today will reflect positively in your technology platform going forward? Will technology stifle your growth…or accelerate it? You need an executive level consultant to help focus your technology strategy in combination with your growth strategy.

    Grace Computer provides high-level Chief Technology Officer input for your company. We’ll help you over the hurdles of change and adaptation throughout your growth. Timely input when you need it.

  • VoIP Phones

    Dang, phone systems are expensive! But I need corporate level connection between my customers and staff. Whether you’re an office of one, or a corporation of 100 – you need consistent, reliable telephony that reflects well to your customers, vendors and staff.

    Grace Computer provides affordable Voice over IP telephone systems that scale with you. Whether you have a central office, or your staff all work from home – a VoIP solution fully integrates your telephony as if you spent thousands of dollars on an expensive phone system. Voice-mail, Auto-Attendant, individual extensions, direct dial numbers, after-hours routing, etc. – we’ll take care of all your phone needs. And if something needs to change temporarily (or permanently) we can manage everything remotely.